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The dark clouds ahead were ominous as they quickly engulfed the previously clear blue sky. Then it started raining.

Mary, in her wit, shouted, "Marge the rains are here". No-one knew what she was on about. Partially because Mary was 80 years ahead of her time, but mainly because she worked alone.

The rain quickly turned to hail. Which, although not expected in the Australian outback can happen during winter. The days were still warm, but at night, the temperature could drop below zero.

Mary battled with Boomer, the animal she was riding. Boomer was not enjoying being pelted with the marble-sized balls…

The Interaction Design Foundation Logo
The Interaction Design Foundation Logo

My Journey

For a few years, I was a little lost in what I wanted to do for a career. I had never had a clear idea of a job I wanted. I did however, have a passion for:
- Building things
- Figuring out how things worked
- Problem-solving
- Helping people

I was good at coding and fell into Web Development after failing to make money from my Flash games on Kongregate.

I first learnt about Usability and then User Experience (UX) from reading online design publications such as Smashing Magazine. …

Santiago de Chile

There I was, 20 apartment buzzers staring at me, yet I had no idea which one to press.

2 plane rides and 16 hours after leaving Melbourne I had landed in Santiago, Chile, only one and half hours later. Disappointed that teleporting still needs work, I retrieve my only bag for the trip from the overhead locker before proceeding straight through immigration and out of the international arrivals door. This was when I was greeted with a sea of men yelling, waving and grabbing, touting their taxi services. I assume so anyway, due to the body odour.

I needed the ATM, which…

Will Jephcott

A creator of products & experiences. I enjoy being active, exploring, creating and learning. Based in Melbourne. Find me at

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